Engadin Val Müstair

About us

In 1970, Wendelin Zangerle, along with his wife Nina, took over the farm of her parents, the farm as others were in the centre of the village. Ten years later, with the growth of the village, the family will have to move the farm out of the country and build a new one, this time in Muglin d'Immez.
Since the couple's sons, Ivan and Henry, had opted for other professional ways, the family had to decide what to do with the farm, which had as well a splendid location.
As chance would have it, at the end of 2011 the Village Camp Clenga had to close its doors for security reasons. Ivan and Henry soon had the idea of projecting a lawn park around the farm, in such way to transform the whole space into a new Camping site.
Ivan, who worked as an architect, made for the municipality and for the canton of Grisons the first successful preliminary investigations, afterwards he carried on with the planning. 
The final approval of the project was issued on 18th August 2011, the very next day the ground was ready for the first shovel to start the construction works of the new camping.
Finally, Val Müstair found a good substitute for the Clenga Campsite and has not missed the chance to offer such an important tourist offering.

Company structure: Ivan and Enrico Zangerle are the title holders of Camping Muglin AG. Isolde Christandel is the Managing Directors. There are 7 part-time employees who take care of the campsite and are fully committed to help you to enjoy your holydays

Wir haben geschlossen! Wir öffnen wieder am 30. April 2022!


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